The artista of French theatre company Lucamoros climb to a nine metres-high vertical structure: six painters, one actress and live music, showing live the artistic process of an ephimeral work of art.

La tortue de Gauguin creates a contemporary tableau inspired by the story of Paul Gaugin who, during his stay in Marquesas Islands, attempted to Paint a turtle shell. The animal’s longevity helps imagining that there is living art, alien to the mercantile process.

Highly acclaimed at last year’s opening of Tárrega Festival, La tortue de Gauguin combines painting with poetry and social critique, another constant theme, together with the large format, of Compagnie Lucamoros.

About the Company

Compagnie Lucamoros returns to the Festival after their presentation, in 2012, of the highly acclaimed Page blanche. Since 2000, Lucamoros have renewed the ancient art of shadow puppets, creating their own set of images: intimate or spectacular, from the end of the world or next-door, of multiple dreams or childhood dreams, but always with a clear universal reference.

This is a theatre of live illusions, made with simple structures and high-technology, with shadows, brushstrokes or cameras, to produce a ground-breaking show.

Text and Staging: Luc Amoros
Music by: Alexis Thépot
On-stage artists / painters: Sylvie Eder, Lou Amoros Augustin, Brigitte Gonzalez, Suzanne Berelowitch, Thomas Rebischung, Lea Noygues, Emmanuel Perez, Ignacio Plaza Ponce
Actress / Recital: Brigitte González
Music: Ignacio Plaza Ponze
Technical Director: Vincent Frossard
Lighting: Sébastian Dalphrase
Sound: Thomas Kaiser
Costume Design: Pauline Kocher
Choreography: Éric Lutz

Friday August 2nd

Street Theatre

Free entrance

«La tortue de Gauguin»

22:00 h. Plaza de Santa Ana
Duration: 60 minutes
Country: France