The language of the circus may also express drama, humour, risk, violence, affection… and in Harhuy there’s room for them all. The show combines the circus and arts and ways Canary Islands’ heritage with theatre, dance, movement and object manipulation.

Produced by TEMUDAS Festival, for this edition’s grand opening, Harhuy takes the traditional culture of the Canary Islands to the stage. In the show, the character inhabits a changing world, difficult to accept; the passing of time shows on the events lived by the society. Reality, acceptance, a learning curve.

About the Company

In 2016, after twelve years learning and working all over the world, Pablo de Rada returns to the Canary Islands, his homeland, to realize his vision and his artistic ideas in a wide range of techniques. He is a specialist in the circus, an actor and a dancer, having worked with Dimitris Papaioannous, Circus Cirkör, Tanz Company... as well as in his own companies: Sisters Company and Ashes, with which he debuted Wonderful World at last year’s TEMUDAS.

He is the co-founder of the art space San Feluko, Ashes company and the art association La Parada. At the same time, he has worked performer in spaces such as Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Mazunte (México), Villa Garikula (Georgia), L’Estruch Sabadell and Kometa Fest (Riga), where he was invited as the festival’s performance manager.

Author & Interpreter: Pablo de Rada Moniz
Directed by: Pau Portabella, Pablo de Rada Moniz
Lighting: Juan Alberto Gonzales “Juani”
Music by: Carlos González Bolaños
Sound: Leandro Benítez
Stage Design: Jaime Balaguer, Miguel Ángel Mendoza “Miki”, Pablo de Rada
Costume Design: Leandro Benítez, Arantxa Araña

Thursday August 1st

Contemporary Circus

Free entrance


22:00 h. Plaza del Pilar Nuevo
Duration: 60 minutes
Country: Spain – Canary Islands