Art can help live to go on, it’s part of the deep harmony of all things created. Timanfaya, el sueño de Manrique is a co-production created for César Manrique’s 100th anniversary, produced by the late artist’s foundation and Producciones Escénicas Clapso.

Through this street theatre show, Clapso builds up an oneiric journey through the work of the universal artist, born in Lanzarote. The show’s format brings the work in movement closer to the audience, and conveys the values of defence, respect and admiration for nature that César fought for all his life, through his work. Timanfaya, el sueño de Manrique is a celebration of art and life, a game where music, dance and César’s own words bring the Company back to the streets, to the people, to their audience.

About the Company
Producciones Escénicas Clapso has developed their creativity since 1991 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Most of the work is related to the stage, with a dynamic and innovative twist, hence their permanent involvement in street theatre projects, the Carnival, or specific productions for events such as fairs and conventions.

Clapso has produced 36 theatre projects, from comedy to contemporary dance, through children’s theatre and musicals. More than 800 theatrical actions all over the Canary Islands. The productions have been staged on 75 theatres all over the country, squares, streets, markets, stadiums…; a total audience in excess of 850,000 have witnessed their 28 years of work in the stage arts.

Script and Direction: Israel Reyes
Music: Germán G. Arias
Stage Design: Espacio Clapso
Masks &Props Designed & Made by: Esteban Cedrés
Stage Design: Carlos Verdugo, Laura Castilla
Costumes: Unai Tellería
Make-Up: Ana Lidia Alonso
Assistant Director & Choreographer: Montse Colomé
Lighting: Ibán Negrín
Sound: Ramón Tubio
Producer: Miguel Muñoz
Technical Coordination: Rafael Suárez
Executive Producer: Begoña Fleitas

Fireworks: Huracán Pirotecnia

Actor / Timanfaya Devil: Víctor Formoso
Actors: 4 acrobats, 12 dancers y 28 extras

With the collaboration of the percussion company PIELES
Co-produced by Fundación César Manrique



Wednesday July 31st

Street Theatre – Performance

Free entrance

«TIMANFAYA, el sueño de Manrique»

21:00 h. Parade – Triana (St. Telmo) – Plaza de Stagno 
Total duration: 70 minutes
Country: Spain – Canary Islands