Family theatre and education in values go hand in hand El rey Zolito to describe how ego and intolerance cause inequality and discrimination, and the importance of respecting the difference. Thus, the show creates a wonderful collage through the eyes of a clown, elements from the circus and audio-visual effects: shepherds from other cultures, free-thinking scribes, a pacifist army, an assembly of ministers and a collective of farmers.

A fun and dynamic stage production, transformed and re-created with mappings and surprising effects, dual imaginary characters and a universe of illusions born from the imagination of this special kind of King. His motto: “You cannot do it by yourself, but with your Friends, you can”.

About the Company
Entropías Imposibles Teatro was born two years ago Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, from the ambition and desire of a team coming from different fields, such as mime, circus, stage craft, dance, audio-visual creation and plasticity.

Focused mainly in family theatre, Entropías Imposibles Teatro works with high doses of comedy, and is driven to share the pedagogical foundations of education in values. The creation of new languages through the theatre is the starting points of projects which, besides the stage production, lighting, costume design…, put together and frame the stories, while the stage is a collage of the different techniques that conform their seal and personality.

El rey Zolito, co-produced by TEMUDAS, is the Company’s debut at the Festival.



Text: Elisabet Espín based on the tale El rey Solito by Rafael Estrada
Directed by: Efraín Martín
Interpreters: Adrián Torrijos y Elisabet Espín
Actresses, entertainers: Sara Álvarez, Elisabet Sánchez y Valeska Álvarez.
Special Collaboration: Miguel Afonso
Lighting: Iban Negrín y Javier Déniz - RGB
Stage Design: Elisabet Espín
Stage and Machinery: Marcos Rodríguez
Mapping: Juan Carlos Cruz
Image and Board Signs: Borja Chacón (El CHAK)
Music: Ruben Yllobre (DAGDA)
Atrezzo: Nauzet Afonso
Costume Design: Elisabet Espín
Production: Entropías Imposibles Teatro
Co-production: JOYNED S.L.
Distribution: B. Colina producción y distribución


Saturday July 27th
Free entrance

«El rey Zolito»

20:30 h. Plaza del Pilar Nuevo
Duration: 65 minutes
Country: Spain – Canary Islands
Family Theatre