Circus and theatre combine in a poetic stage proposal originated in the power of dreams. Delicate, subtle and funny, Oníricus presents two characters looking for the audience’s complicity to reach their dream.

Two extravagant circus employees dream of becoming true artists, when the company is evicted. Their minds play with the ideas of succumbing and leaving it all behind, but…what if they decided to take on the leading role? With the help of the audience, they will change their paths to chase their dream, because dreams can never be left behind.

About the Company

La Troupe Malabó, conformed by Sergio Chaves and Marisa Ibáñez, is a reference in the world of clown and mime. The Castellón-based company’s shows are a usual presence in the national festival circuit, and Oníricus has toured China.

Founded in 1999, La Troupe Malabó’s success, directed by Sergio Chaves, is based on its component’s solid training, and on how seriously they approach each one of their projects.

Actors: Sergio Chaves and Marisa Ibáñez
Director: Jes Martin’s
Collaboration: Jordi Purtí
Stage Design: Taller Malabó, De Ferro, Juanjo Manufacturas
Lighting: Jesús Martín, Marisa Ibáñez
Music: Studio 13
Costume: Taller de Isabel, Magars
Graphic Design: Espejo Azul
Photos: Juan Vicent




Mime and Clown Theatre

20:30 h. Plaza del Pilar Nuevo
Duration: 55 minutes
Country: Spain (Castellón, Valencia Region)

Free entrance