The poetry of the aboriginal legend is re-interpreted in its most ritual sense, as if in a Greek tragedy. With the use of mappings, this proposal introduces the audience into a futuristic universe, where visual poetry is mixed with electronic music, chácaras and drums, reaching a collective catharsis. 

Alexis Corujo’s text, based on an aboriginal legend that will reach the audience as part of their history, presented in a large format but with the utmost respect for the arts. With an all-Canarian team, this multidisciplinary large-format project uses 2D and 3D images, dance, theatre, poetry and original electronic music.

About the company

Jab Iniciativas y Producciones is a theatre and culture production company, specialized in creating, organizing, managing and producing cultural, social and educational events. Amongst these, Cine + Food, Feria del libro and Casa de la Navidad in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In theatre production, JAB has a long trajectory, with productions such as Pipi Langstrump, el musical, Sherlock Holmes y el club de los pelirrojos, La ópera de los tres cerditos and El regreso de Peter Pan. This is the Company’s debut at the Festival de Teatro, Música y Danza de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Directed by: José Carlos Campos
Author: Alexis Corujo
Actors: Pedro Martel, Saray Castro, Maykol Hernández, Sara Guerra.
Dancers: Josué Espino Sánchez, Michelle Marier, Juan León, Dacil Wijkström, Cristina Pérez del Pino
Audiovisual Design, Mapping: Raúl Lacapria
Sound Engineer: Ubaldo Ginorio
Lighting, Special FX and Technical Director: Rafael Morán
Costume, Make-Up and Hair: Nauzet Afonso
Costume Design: Mila Arana
Production Assistant: Carlos Vargas
Graphic Design: Jorge Leal
Production Design: Alexis Corujo
Executive Producer: Jorge Balbas


Gara y Jonay, la catarsis electrónica

JAB Iniciativas y Producciones

Street Multidisciplinary Show

22:00 h. Plaza de Santa Ana
Duration: 70 minutes
Country: Spain (Canary Islands)