Marco Mannucci narrates this romantic tragedy, using acrobatics, the circus, street theatre, music and poetry. The piece is interpreted by Marco Mannucci and Alessandra Lanciotti. An extraordinary acrobatic duo, hanging ten metres above ground. A show made of irony, skills and precision.


About the company

Mattatoio Sospeso is an aerial and vertical dance company founded by Marco Mannucci in 2006. His founder mixes dance, acrobatics, street theatre, poetry and circus. At the shows, adapted to each venue considering the surrounding architecture, the interpreters raise from the ground to fly over houses, towers, churches and castles. Suspension overrules gravity. In this way, the audience is transported to an oneiric dimension where anything may happen. There are no rules: it’s all about flying and day-dreaming. Mattatoio Sospeso has participated in numerous international festivals in Italy, France, Spain and Belgium.

Directed by: Marco Mannucci
Authors/Actors: Marco Mannucci, Alessandra Lanciotti
Music by: Sandro Angius
Costume & Make-Up: Marco Mannucci, Alessandra Lanciotti
Choreography: Marco Mannucci


Los amantes del cielo

Mattatoio Sospeso

Street Theatre / Clown / Vertical Dance

20:30 h. Plaza del Pilar Nuevo
Duration: 45 minutes
Country: France / Italy