The dragon is an eternal creature, a mythological symbol, travelling through time and cultures. A dragon appears in the city, as a fantasy or hallucination. Its design of bones and leather lets see the complex mechanical inside. When it roars, its big head opens its mouth over the audience. The mystery dragon rules, shows its sharp teeth and smoke comes out of his mouth. The dragon is captured by a horde of fantastic creatures, half men, half beasts. Creatures from another world, wearing breastplates and furs, some with stilts, to reach the beast, and others from the ground. The bravest, from the head, trying to tame the dragon.

About the Company

In 2006 Pierre Povigna founded Coming from a long line of builders of animated floats, for the legendary Nice Carnival, Pierre decides to take one step forward to create shows that may be seen all over the world, and leave Nice. Passionate about complex mechanics, he imagines a fantastic universe, monumental bio-mechanical machines, that are surrounded by multidisciplinary artists, bringing them to life, from manipulators, acrobats and men on stilts to musicians. Planète Vapeur has performed in several European countries, in Asia and Tunisia.


Author and Art Director: Pierre Povigna
Stage Director: Pierre-Loïc LAINE
Music: Planète Vapeur
Dragon Design & Construction: Pierre Povigna/ team Planète Vapeur
Costume & Make Up: Françoise Izac
Manager: Marie Penalba
Technical Director: Pierre Povigna
Interpreters: Anthony Adragna, Atshoki Tshoki, Tatiana Thomas, Jules Azem, Sébastien Povigna, Adrian Cerou, Tomas Luna López, Chloé Papin
Spanish Production: Carmina Escardó/ DROM
And especially for LAS PALMAS, the percussion of Samba Isleña



Planète Vapeur

Street Theatre

21:00 h. Itinerant: Santa Catalina Park

Duration: 105 minutes

Country: France (Nice)