The eternal myth of blues, the energy of Africa and the Blues Brothers’ immortal rhythm get together in an acrobatic show performed by a bunch of Kenyans. Half way between the circus and the musical, the power of Rhythm & Blues will encompass the acrobat’s work, leading on to moments of laughter shared with the audience. 

The stage production recovers the nostalgic atmosphere of North America in the first decades of the XX century, and projects that spirit in a fun and brilliant show, with somersaults, human pyramids and figures of extremely physical theatre.

About the Company

Originally from Kenya, The Black Blues Brothers have presented their show in more tan 500 European theatres and festivals, where they got great reviews and were unanimously acclaimed by the audience.

The show is supported by Circo e Dintorni, expert in the production and distribution of circus and other shows. They also have a long experience in the organization of workshops, conferences and other activities related to training in different circus techniques.

Acrobats: The original African Black Blues Brothers. Ali Salim Mwakasidi, Bilal Musa Huka, Hamisi Ali Pati, Rashid Amini Kulembwa, Seif Mohamed Mlevi 

Idea: Alexander Sunny
Choreography: Electra Preisner
Stage Design: Siegfried y Loredana Nones, Studiobazart
Tour manager: Massimo Scomparin
Producers: Circo e Dintorni



Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th July

Free entrance


20:30 h. Plaza de Santa Ana 

Duration: 55 minutes
Country: Kenya

Circus disciplines