Twelve prestigious Spanish guitarists pay tribute to the work of the greatest composers of all times, playing the electric guitar. With extraordinary technique and rigour, they will present an unusual and moving revision of indispensable pieces of classical music, as well as of hits from the XX century. 

Ravel’s Bolero, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Rossini’s Guillaume Tell’s Overture, J.S. Bach’s, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor will be presented to the audience from a new viewpoint, which respects the original work while bringing it up to date with the sound of electric guitars and amplifiers. Likewise, pieces that are based on the instrument, such as Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, The Beatles’ Yesterday, Earl Scruggs’ Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and others, are already history of the electric guitar, and part of the proposal of these extraordinary guitar masters.

About the Company

Sinfonity was born from the union of twelve guitar masters, with a desire to explore new ways of expression, and to break the existing boundaries between classical and modern. Their first encounter with their audience took place at the opening of Mérida Classical Theatre International Festival, in 2011. Since then, Sinfonity has visited countless national and international festivals, different countries and continents, with the same end result: unanimously acclaimed by their audience.

Pablo Salinas, Sinfonity’s musical director and creator, is a composer, guitarist, pianist, organist, arranger and producer with over forty years of professional experience. A versatile and all-round artist, he is always open to collaborations with all kinds of musicians, styles and ways to make music.

Directed by: Pablo Salinas
Musicians: Pablo Salinas, Fernando Illan, Luis Cruz, Miguel Losada, Dayan Abad, José Blázquez, Carlos Salinas, Rod Nosti, Felipe Lagunilla, Fausto Rodríguez, Álex Álvarez, Pedro Palomar

Maurice Ravel. Bolero (1928).
Antonio Vivaldi. Le quattro stagioni (1723).
Concerto nº 1 in E major, Op.8, La primavera (Spring) – Allegro.
Concerto nº 2 in G minor, Op.8, L’estate (Summer) - The Storm. Presto e forte.
Concerto nº 4 in F minor, Op. 8, L’inverno (Winter) - Allegro non molto.
Pietro Mascagni. Cavalleria rusticana. Intermezzo sinfónico (1890).
Antonio Rossini. Guillaume Tell. Overture (1829) & The Barber of Seville (1815).
Johann Strauss. Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka op. 214 (1858).
Aram Ilyich Khachaturian. Sabre Dance. Gayaneh (1942).
Serguéi Prokófiev. Dance of the Knights, Ballet Romeo & Juliet (1938).
Johann Sebastian Bach. Toccata & fugue in Dm. (1703-1707)
Manuel de Falla. El amor brujo. Danza ritual del fuego (1925).
Isaac Albéniz . Asturias
Gerónimo Giménez. La boda de Luis Alonso. Intermedio (1897).
Frederic Chopin Tribute. Fantaisie Impromptu (1835), Valse Op 64,nº 2 (1847), Nocturne Op.9 (1830) .


The Big Band Era: Caravan
Rock Classics: Led Zeppelin, Queen, others.
Henry Mancini. Peter Gunn Theme.
Paco de Lucía Tribute. Bulerías de Pablo Salinas.




Friday July 26th

Free entrance


«The First Electric Guitar Orchestra»

22:00 h. Plaza de Santa Ana
Duration: 90 minutes
Country: Spain