Bitópica could invoke the ability to be seen in two places at the same time, to walk two roads at the same time, to make two pieces at the same time. Bitópica is an illusory container. A stage device that opposes both spectators and performers to a mirage. A double reality that multiplies interpretative perspectives, placing spectators in a decision context and the performers in a space of continuous corporal dialogue from reconstruction.

That mirage, superposition or multiplicity of scenes will be the basis of the show’s drama. There’s no linearity, its system is made up of annotations, sketches, structural exercises, improvisation guidelines, basis for drifts. An artifact that results in the conjunction of two realities, multiplying symbolic constructions. Two kinds of opposing audiences. Two pieces that turn their backs on each other.

The Company 

This show gathers a well-stocked group of creators that, by the hands of Carmelo Fernández, propose a stage mirage-like artifact, where spectators and performers will go hand in hand in a sort of perceptive dialogue. Bitópica appears as a node of a network woven over the last years through the workshop “Mecánica de conducción del cuerpo” [Body conducting mechanics]. The intention behind the project was to join within this context diverse independent creators, thus allowing an exceptional occasion for Canarian contemporary dance.

Concept and Direction: Carmelo Fernández

Dancers: Teresa Lorenzo, Desiré Benítez, Laila Tafur, Laura Ramos, Jorge Dutor, Verónica Ramos and Carmelo Fernández

Costumes, Stage Design and Lighting: Jorge Dutor

Soundtrack: Luis Ortiz

Assistant Directors: Orlando Ortega

Production Assistant: Aurora Ramón

Communication José Juan Torres

Photography: Enrique Cárdenes and José Juan Torres

Vídeo: Enrique Cárdenes

Production: BlancoyBrasil. Agitación cultural

In cooperation with: Centro de Danza Aida Lustres and Compañía Ashes 

Web:  BlancoyBrasil



Genre: Contemporary Dance

Date: August 1 and 2

Time and Place: 10:00 p.m. Plaza de Santa Ana

Duration: 60 min.

Free Admission

Country: Spain (Gran Canaria)