Vibraphonist Aridane Martín presents his first album as leader: Tiébélé. On this occasion he will be joined by one of Spanish jazz scene’s most renowned saxophonists, Basque Jon Robles, who is also a teacher at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona. In this breeding ground is where the seven original compositions that give form to the project, the result of four years of work, were gestated. Tiébélé would not be possible without the work of painters Felo Monzón Benítez and Mireia Tramunt. They designed both the cover and the script with original paintings inspired by each composition.

From this music Aridane Martín Quartet meets CNFSN+ is born, a combination that makes this project unique and singular. An opportunity to see the musical group in nonet format (accompanied by a string quartet) while Felo Monzón and Tono Cruz (CNFSN+) paint a live mural based on Tiébélé’s music.

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Aridane Martín attended CPMLPGC (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and CMMB (Barcelona) conservatories, where he graduated with the best qualifications. He then moved to Paris seeking a better specialization in keyboard percussion instruments, after which he came back to Spain to study vibraphone with acclaimed drummer and percussionist Marc Miralta at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona. He currently lives in Barcelona, in whose artistic scene he is actively involved, though he keeps on collaborating in his works with Canarian creators.

During this last year, Martin has materialized his first publication, 'The Longest Journey', through the Danish publishing house Svitzer Publications, where he has started to be part of the team of drummers led by the brand Mike Balter, manufacturer of drumsticks most important in the world, based in Chicago (USA).

Director of the Show: Aridane Martín

Musicians: Vibraphone: Aridane Martín; Saxophone: Jon Robles; Guitar: Octavio Hernández; Double bass: Manel Fortià; Drums: Gonzalo del Val; Violin 1: Sinead Cormican; Violin 2: Ismael Cabaleiro; Viola: Elena Martínez; Cello: Carla Peña

Painters: Felo Monzón and Tono Cruz (CNFSN+), Mireia Tramunt

Web: Aridane Martín

Aridane Martín Quartet meets CNFSN

Genre: Music Painting

Date: August 3

Time and Place: 10:00 p.m.  Plaza del Pilar Nuevo

Duration: 80 min.

Free Admission

Country: Spain  (Gran Canaria)