KingLMan is the main project of British DJ and producer D.WattsRiot (Dave Watts), settled in Tenerife for over two decades and specially known for his role as a member of the Anglo-Pakistani group Fun-Da-Mental. It is a project open to all sort of influences with a distinct Canarian accent and in which social and political commitment are a key element of his music.

D.WattsRiot’s electronic beats and voices improve due to Socos Dúo’s tunes, Ciro Hernández’s electric cello, César Martín’s vibraphone, keyboard and percussions, and Dani Tupper’s guitar and effects. Visual artist Simone Marín’s mapping completes the team, creating thus a unique show where vanguard and the most ancestral legacy join into a new concept that tries to move the spectator to other spaces of reflection and new sensory experiences.

The Company

Vector de Ideas is a young Canarian company settled in Tenerife that appeared in the show production market in the middle of 2016, though its members have had a long professional career. It belongs to the Tamarán business group, whose over 30-year connection with the tourism industry allows them to also carry out their activities in that environment, offering cultural events and products. 

DJ, Lyrics, Music and Musical Direction: Dave Watts aka KingLMan

Vibraphone and Percussion: César Martín

Cello: Ciro Hernández

Guitars and Electronic Motifs: Dani Tupper

Mapping: Simone Marín

Light Design: Aarón S. Ramos

Executive Production: Carolina González 

Web: Vector de Ideas



Genre: Music Video / Mapping

Date: July 25 

Time and Place: 10:00 p.m. Plaza del Pilar Nuevo

Duration: 90 min. 

Free Admission

Country: Spain (Tenerife)