In the heart of the city, emerging from a faint glow, one guesses a silhouette perched on two containers. The crowd who gathers around will suddenly discover a tiny gardener on the hook of the crane. A winged woman equipped with a watering can will water here and there the flowers on balconies, the trees and everything she finds in her wake: the city is her giant garden...

Mù, Kinematic of Fluids is a monumental and bright show, where music, images and physically prowess will make their way through the crowd. A horde of surrealist objects conducted by a shaggy and weathered-by-time figure that will come as if poured from the sky. Designed as a theatrical immersion, the show involves a monumental moving structure, handled by a crane, which opens like a giant music box. A parade created by 20 local volunteers will also join in this collective fantasy.

The Company

Founded in 1982 by Brigitte Burdin and Gilles Rhode, and having produced 26 works in over 57 countries, Transe Express creates magical and imaginative large-scale shows in unconventional spaces. Their productions are unique adventures that transform cities and invite the public, through their interaction, to escape their everyday reality. They have gained international recognition thanks to their participation in events such as the 1992 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony or the Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

Art Direction: Rémi Allaigre

Trainer of Local Volunteers: Olivier Balagna

Musicians: Louis Gaumeton, Raphael Carrara, Lionel Garcin, Amanda Gardon and Laurent Arn

Acrobats: Franck Saurel, Thibault Lapeyre, Tarzana Foures, Marika Mazzanti and Maryvette Lair

Technicians: Arnaud Barbieri, Agop Djevahirdjian, Patrick Figgle, Laurent Dolques and Loïc Marijon

Production Manager: Nicole Ragaigne

Web: Transe Express

Mù Cinématique des Fluides


Genre: Street Theater

Date: August 4 

Time and Place: 10:00 p.m. Plaza de Santa Ana

Duration: 50 min.

Free Admission

Country: France (Eurre)