Metallica, Deep Purple, Leonard Cohen… timeless hits of such great music legends gather in Nacidos para Bailar [Born to Dance], the third show by the awarded group Los Vivancos. A work that celebrates life and diversity. A visual fantasy in which dance, martial arts, musical prowess and humor join together, making a piece that mixes refined virtuosity with exhilarating artistic eclecticism.

The show is in between exhibition and introspection, maintaining its insubordination towards social determinants in regard to the artistic concept. It thus turns the maker into a free being, who is servant solely to his own existence as creator, revealing not only his liberation but also his absurd and sublime madness.

The Company

Los Vivancos have performed in 300 cities from 54 countries and in front of over 2 million spectators. They have been awarded several prizes such as the Prix Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia or the Prix Special Jerome Medrano, among others. They have also collaborated with artists such as Antonio Banderas or designer Giorgio Armani and have participated as well in great events such as the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games’ Closing Ceremony or the concert Avant que L’ombre, by French Mylène Farmer, in front of 234,000 people.

Creation, Direction, Design, Choreography, Composition: Los Vivancos

Composition, Orchestration and Musical production: Joan Martorell

Orchestral recording: Budapest Symphonic Orchestra

Costumes: Rafael Solís and Luis Hugo Viscarra / Leather accessories: Vass Ibiza and Leather Designs

Technical Advisor: Eduardo García Llama

Ledsuits: E-Tecnileds

Graphic Design: Gabriel Andrés

Stage Chief: David Soro

Lighting Technician: Jorge Manuel Elbal Gómez

Chief Technician and Sound Technician: Mauro S. Rizzo

Production and Distribution: Los Vivancos Booking and Production Office

Musical Themes: Symphonic Rock, Flamenco, Fusion

Web: Los Vivancos



Nacidos Para Bailar


Genre: Dance

Date: July 12

Time and Place: 10:00 p.m. Plaza de Santa Ana

Duration: 90 min.

Free Admission

Country: Spain (Barcelona)